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Breakfast Service Options at Better 4 You Meals


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Since its inception in 2011, Better 4 You Meals has worked with charter schools in San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties to provide students with healthy daily meals. To ensure that all young students receive the best start to the day, Better 4 You Meals provides breakfast catering services to its schools.

In compliance with the National School Lunch Program, Better 4 You Meals has devised a number of breakfast menu options that are both delicious and healthy for students. Depending on their unique needs, schools can choose one of several breakfast implementation strategies.

As one option, schools can arrange for Better 4 You Meals to serve breakfast before the school day begins. As students arrive in the morning, they will receive both a grab-and-go breakfast and milk from a table that is situated near the school entrance. They may choose to either finish their meal before they go to their first class or bring it into the classroom. Should students indicate they do not want their meals, staff members will ask them to simply save their food for later in the day.

Better 4 You Meals also offers a service plan for in-classroom breakfasts. Each morning, service staff bring meals directly to classrooms within the first 10 minutes of the day. This gives students enough time to eat before their teachers finish giving daily announcements and conducting roll call. Schools may also choose to implement classroom breakfasts with the help of student representatives, who transport meals to their first morning classes using a food cart.


Exploring the Link between Breakfast and Student Performance


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A California-based food service company, Better 4 You Meals provides meals and snacks to charter school students throughout the Los Angeles and San Bernardino area. In addition to its lunch, snack, and after-school-supper programs, Better 4 You Meals helps meet the nutritional needs of students through its breakfast service.

Widely acknowledged as the most important meal of the day, breakfast does more than simply provide fuel to get you through the morning. Your morning meal offers both physical and mental benefits that continue throughout your day. For school-age children, breakfast is particularly important because it helps promote learning and overall wellness.

According to studies conducted by groups such as the Food Research and Action Center, skipping breakfast impairs a child’s ability to learn. Eating breakfast is also related to improvements in memory and attention, which make it easier for children to concentrate and retrieve information. Studies also show that eating a healthy morning meal can lead to higher test scores in math, reading, and spelling.

In addition to offering cognitive benefits, breakfast can help improve student behavior and reduce issues associated with absenteeism and tardiness. Other positive effects of eating breakfast include an increase in classroom participation and an improvement in problem-solving skills among students.

A Look at the B4YM Breakfast, Lunch, Supper, and Snack Services

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Formed by education sector leaders in California, Better 4 You Meals (B4YM) is an organization that focuses on providing charter school students with nutritious foods for breakfast, lunch, and supper. Those who are interested in joining the more than 220 schools in Los Angeles and San Bernardino Counties that have chosen to enlist the services of Better 4 You Meals can read more about the food provided by the organization below.

1. Breakfast service – B4YM provides a full menu of hot and cold breakfast foods for consumption before school or in the classroom, depending on the needs of the charter school. Schools can also choose to participate in the universal school breakfast program, which offers all students are free breakfast independent of economic need.

2. Lunch service – B4YM believes that children can enjoy healthy food if the meals are prepared with great ingredients and taste good, which is why the organization offers a collection of unique hot lunch menu items to schools. Popular B4YM lunches include cranberry chicken salad sandwiches, chicken penne pasta with marinara and parmesan cheese, and chicken fajitas with rice and beans.

3. After school supper – Charter schools that cater to at-risk students from low-income areas may be eligible to participate in B4YM’s after school supper service. This service reimburses qualifying schools at a set rate for the healthy snacks and dinner meals that the B4YM program provides to students through the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP).