About Better 4 You Meals

Better 4 You MealsBetter 4 You Meals (B4YM) is a provider of unique and creative school meals that are healthy and visually appealing. Offering cold and hot breakfast items, Better 4 You Meals is committed to meeting a previously unfulfilled need among students with limited financial resources throughout Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties for nutritious, on-the-go morning meals.

The B4YM “breakfast before school” implementation strategy takes into consideration the fact that students typically hurry off to school without having eaten yet and without much time for meals before classes start. Emphasizing convenience, tables are set up directly in front of the school entrance, with ready-to-go meals picked up by students. Students who are not hungry can simply place their meals in their backpack and eat them later in the day during breaks.

B4YM meets the needs of students at over 220 charter schools and provides 70,000 meals daily including breakfast, lunch, supper, and snacks. In March, 2016, it expanded its offerings through acquisition of the National School Lunch Program-compliant snacks and chips producer Balance Foods. Another recently launched offering is the B4YM Online Store, which provides schools options to purchase and store food items directly.