The Benefits of Clean Natural Gas Vehicles


Clean Natural Gas Vehicles pic

Clean Natural Gas Vehicles

Better 4 You Meals was established by charter school leaders in California in response to the lack of breakfast meal services being provided to low-income students in the state. The company serves 70,000 meals per day to over 220 schools in San Bernardino and Los Angeles. Better 4 You Meals uses a fleet of delivery vehicles that are fueled by clean natural gas (CNG), which has a number of benefits over traditional vehicle fuels.

1. Vehicle operators can save as much as 50 percent on their fuel bills by switching to CNG vehicles when compared to diesel and petroleum.

2. CNG vehicles are better for the environment, contributing 25 percent less carbon dioxide than comparable diesel-fueled vehicles, in addition to 50 percent fewer nitrogen oxides.

3. Supplies of CNG are abundant in comparison to oil, with 98 percent of the natural gas used in the United States produced in North America. This results in lower costs for consumers, in addition to contributing more directly to the country’s economy.


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